Newmarket Animal Hospital has offered an unwavering commitment to the care of your dog, cat and pocket pet since 1965. Our goal is to keep your pet healthy and happy while extending their life in your family.

There are over 21 Veterinary clinics in Newmarket – Aurora, and a couple of full-service hospitals. So why bring your pets to Newmarket Animal Hospital? It’s because every visit is a positive experience, with the compliance and depth of a full-service hospital and the interpersonal, friendly care of a neighborhood clinic. We treat each pet as if it was OUR pet.

That service starts with our front-office staff, and ends with our Veterinarians. Every member of our team is educated in many animal aspects. We know that the most effective way to share this knowledge is as compassionate as possible. Call us with a nutritional question, and we’ll talk your ear off until we’re sure that we’re being clear and well-understood. Send us an email, and you can expect a reply within an hour, not days. And while you’ll find our prices to be sufficiently competitive, you’ll quickly see that our willingness to communicate with our customers and our desire to strive for excellence are all part of our mission statement.